In this article you will get all possible fix for your game crash.

 Disable automatic update permanently (check tutorial below how to disable automatic updates in any Windows) .

How to Disable Automatic Update

2. Now update your Graphic Card (GPU) Latest drivers from Nvidia GeForce experience or AMD software.

3. Install C++ all versions 32 bit 64 bit from 2005 to 2023 (use all in one run time to install).

Download C++ All in One

4. Install Direct X.

Download Direct x

5. Make your game folder Exclusion in your Antivirus so antivirus don't affect your game files.

6. Also make sure your Game files are updated to latest version you can verify your game files.

7. Now close unwanted apps running in your taskbar like Msi afterburner or other apps that don't need run while gaming.

8. Now try those game which gives u error, crash or any issue.

You will see now any of your game will never crash or stop in middle, all your gaming issue are fixed now.