How to Disable Windows Automatic Update

- This method is very easy simply download Windows Update blocker App and disable your windows update, its the easiest way to disable windows update.

- After download Windows Update Blocker app, Extract it.

- If your windows is 64 bit then run Wub_x64 but if your windows is 32 bit then run Wub.

- you will get this type of box. 

- Simply click on disable updates circle then click on Apply now as shown in below image.

- after apply now you can close app.

And all done now your windows update is disabled.

- if you want to enable your Windows Update again simply open app click on Enable Updates circle then click apply now.

- with this Windows Update Blocker app its so easy to disable or enable Windows Update, because some times Windows Update cause many issues to games and software and also slow down pc or laptop.