Logitech G502 X Plus LightSpeed
Logitech's brand new g502x series gaming mouse is something completely next level and like a flagship level category mouse from logitech, the brand has launched this just recently in indian market and that too they've introduced like three different variants, one is a wired edition the regular 502 apart from that you get two light speed wireless editions also and this is the top of the line gaming mouse in the series. It's the plus variant white edition so it's got awesome specs and main highlight is it uses a completely different type of switches on board something known as optical mechanical hybrid switches so that is something really new thing and apart from that it's got beautiful 8 zone rgb lighting and their signature hero 25k sensor is also there and plenty of other features.

The g502x plus is in white color so as i've told you they've introduced like three different models one is your regular wired edition g502 and the other two were wireless editions one with rgb and one without rgb we have the top of the line edition g502x plus in white edition, the g502x plus in white edition looks absolutely gorgeous, along with that you get a usb dongle for the light speed wireless technology it also mentions g502x on it and it has a replaceable thumb grip for the mouse, all of that aside you get a usb type-c cable as well for charging and you also get a type c adapter as well. About the design and build quality i have to say mouse looks absolutely stunning in this white color it's got like a dual tone color scheme white and gray and looks absolutely beautiful, coming from my previous gen g50 to this one definitely looks quite similar but with subtle design changes like you've got the g logo and 8 zone rgb lighting this whole thing glows in rgb, it's got a very ergonomic design just like their previous gen series, you've got new switches on board, light force hybrid switches which use like an optical mechanical switches on board it does feature their hyper fast scroll wheel with dual mode changes you can just press the button and switch between hyper fast mode and rashid mode for extra precision depends on your requirement, you've got two more customizable buttons on the left side profile also you've got three buttons forward and backward as well with removable dpi change buttons you can customize it you can rotate it and change it as to your requirement or you can completely even remove this button and just place like a thumb grip that you got in the package so it all depends on how you want to use this mouse fully customizable and the bottom part looks like so complete white design, g502x plus also features their signature hero 25k dpi sensor that offers excellent precision and sub micron accuracy with zero smoothing filtering and acceleration. This mouse also supports logitech's power play wireless charging as well you've got a power button and usb dongle storage area 

After using it for a week i've been playing games with the mouse and let me tell you i'm in absolute love with this thing, the comfort and in hand feel it's got an ergonomic design and feels super comfortable in the hand that aerodynamic shape support wing on the left everything on it has a meaning and on top of that the mouse is not that heavy, also despite being wireless in fact the weight is less than my previous gen 502 hero it's only around like six grams, the 502x plus just glides while using on its surface all thanks to zero additive ptfe feed almost feels frictionless and best part is it's wireless so full freedom no clutter of wires hanging from your pc it's suitable for both claw grip and fingertip style players and all the buttons on it were easily accessible, it's got around like 13 programmable buttons and you can save up to like five on-board memory profiles, about the buttons the g502x feature the new light force switches which are hybrid optical mechanical switches that combine the speed of optical and the feel of mechanical to offer you unprecedented performance while using this is something really awesome and i've been loving the whole experience on it the clicks register almost instantly as you press them with ultra low latency and offer like really good reliability plus one more benefit is you get longer switch life because it's all optical and doesn't wear like your regular mechanical switches and the feedback is also really good just like mechanical feel very satisfying click, let's talk about the performance the g502x features logitech g's hero 25k sensor that has a dpi range from 100 to all the way up to 25 600 max acceleration is greater than 40 and the max speed is around 400 and i've been playing with the mouse for quite a while and was super impressed with the performance

Rgb lighting which is something exclusive to the plus variant it's got an 8 zone rgb lighting that can produce around 16.8 million colors and is fully customizable using their g hub software and one more neat feature they've added is active play detection when enabled the mouse will automatically dim the light while using to conserve and extend the battery life and now coming to the battery life battery life on this thing is ridiculously good, huge improvement from the previous gen so with rgb lighting turned off you can expect around 115 to 120 hours of battery life on a single charge and with the rgb lighting on you can expect around like 35 hours of battery life, the only thing missing is weight customization which i really love on my 502 hero and also if you want to utilize its wireless charging feature you will have to separately buy logitech's power play mouse pad which is a bit expensive in india apart from that everything else was great the 502x wired edition mouse is available at 7995 rupees while the lightspeed plus edition costs around 15495 rupees.