OverWatch 2
What is OverWatch 2 is it just an update or is it a new game, simple answer it is an update it's a big update, the biggest change you can take away from Overwatch 2 is to switch from a one and done game to a live service constantly updated game. I've been playing OverWatch 1 for six years I've been through all the ups and downs of the game I've played the game since day one and I love the game I'm a big fan and the servers are now shut down we are in OverWatch 2 and I got the chance to play the game early, so I'm just gonna give you my honest opinion about overwatch 2. If you've played OverWatch over the last few years there was almost no content and now the devs are promising us new content the game launches with three new Heroes junket queen as a tank sojourn as a DPS and now cubico as a support those Heroes will be available for all players that own OverWatch one right away and we'll get into the entire battle pass system and unlocking new heroes in the future but yeah there's three new Heroes there is seven new maps the game changes from a 6 versus 6 to a 5 versus 5 format that might not sound like much to you but from my experience it's a quite drastic change in gameplay the pace seems way higher there's less sitting around sitting behind Shields there's way more action some people have really grown to love the the two tanks energy that we had in Overwatch 1 and yes we will miss out on some of those classic synergies like Ryan's Arya like monkey Diva but they're also removing a lot of the frustrating Parts about Overwatch 1 like double shield for many people like, from a player versus player perspective PVP I love the base idea of OverWatch I love how the game played so I didn't want that much of a change and while there are a lot of changes that make the game more positive to play for example there's less stuns in the game the game still sticks to its core values so there is not a super drastic gameplay change and I don't mind that I actually quite like that I didn't want Overwatch 2 to be a completely different game a big part of the announce Overwatch to experience the PVE game mode player versus environment a campaign is not done yet so the way I understood it is the devs started working on PVE and because blizzard has been historically really good with PVE games like they've never really had a single player campaign that wasn't super polished and really good so I'm expecting a lot of things off PVE but so what they did is instead of delaying the entire game for another year or two they decided to decouple PVP and PVE release the PVP first and constantly update PVP so players have something to enjoy until PVE comes out next year and the people I really look forward to it can play the game then I don't mind that personally I know it's confusing for a lot of consumers and they definitely could have communicated better but um what we're getting now is not the final product it is a live service game they're promising updates every nine weeks every season they're promising either a new hero a new map or vice versa and for the next season that's coming out in December there's gonna be another new tank another new map and then the season after would probably get a map and then another hero, so as long as the game evolves and adds new fun stuff then I think it's gonna be a great game that being said it's up to Blizzard again to keep up the quality to keep on releasing every season with new content that is fun and engaging and it's up to Blizzard to prove to us that they can keep up the content they're promising that they can keep up until the PVE release and that they can keep on evolving the game and making it a better place so I wouldn't look at this like a full game release it is an update and it is an upgrade but it is a switch to a live service game.

In the end I have to say I love the game is it perfect, What I do care about is that it's much more interesting and exciting than the original experience. It's important to me that you no longer have to pull levers on virtual loot box slot machines and actually get cosmetic items directly. is. I'm interested in moving to free-to-play. This makes it easier than ever to see what Blizzard's latest IP is, because Overwatch 2 represents the arrival of the fundamental changes needed to return to its former heights. After playing this game, I'm convinced that Blizzard is moving the franchise in the right direction. I think most players will feel the same when they actually play but for the first time in a very long time I'm hopeful for the future of OverWatch I think the PVE experience next year is going to be amazing and if blizzard keeps up the content I think we'll have an amazing time in Overwatch 2 and I hope there's gonna be lots of new players that have never touched OverWatch. Overwatch 2 is available now for Xbox Series X & S, Playstation 5, Playstation 4, PC and Nintendo Switch. It's definitely one of the best Xbox shooters and it's free to play, so you can try it for free. Alternatively, you can purchase the Overwatch 2 Watchpoints Bundle, which gives you access to Season 1's Premium Battle Pass, 2000 Overwatch Coins, and a bundle of unique Legendary Skins. You should try Overwatch 2 you will love this game, just try the free Overwatch 2 and if you like it you can buy battle pass.