8GB VRAM in 2022
Is 8 gigabytes of vram enough for gaming these day, as we all know the Nvidia Rtx 3050 was recently launched few months back and on this lower tier card we see a grand total of 8 gigabytes of Gdr6 vram when we still see the higher end cards like the 3070 rocking the same 8 gigabytes of vram, experts outlets and nvidia themselves account this for the bus on each card. The RTX 3060 for example has a narrower bust than the 3070 thus they say more vram was needed to make up for it, but overall i think we're hitting a point where while the bus on a graphics card definitely matters that the vram is becoming more and more important, as the owner of a 3070 i can personally account for this especially as more and more games become more demanding most notably especially when you have a ps5, in the series x with 16 gigabytes of high speed gddr6 ram so to the question is eight gigabytes enough first let's see at a few recent titles like cyberpunk 2077 a title from 2020 set to 1440p at high settings with rtx on and dlss balance activated puts us at 7.5 gigs out of 8. The game runs amazingly like this but that is a lot of vram usage though then again we all know cyberpunk 2077 runs insanely demanding on most rigs and consoles. This is the reason modern graphics cards now have 8 GB of VRAM. So if you want a more future-proof GPU, or want to buy a 1440p monitor quickly, you should definitely go for 8 GB of VRAM Graphic card. On the other hand, 4GB is not enough for gaming at higher resolutions. The only reason to buy a 4GB graphics card in 2022 is if you're really saving money and don't really care about going over 1080p yet. Of course there are other options. For example, the GTX 1660 Super comes with 6GB of VRAM, while some higher-end models like the GTX 1080 Ti and RTX 2080 Ti come with up to 11GB.

Of course, the difference in performance isn't just due to his VRAM. It can be difficult to determine how much of that is memory and how much is GPU processing power. For example, a 6GB GTX 1660 Super will perform better at 1080p than an 8GB RX 5500 XT. AMD's budget GPU isn't all that great, despite the extra 2 GB of memory. These examples prove that VRAM alone cannot accurately estimate expected performance. Overall, 4GB is the bare minimum for 1080p gaming in 2022, but 6-8GB is a target for most people looking to run games at 1440p or 4K, or just wanting a little more It should be. Currently biggest graphic card is NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 comes with 24 GB vram. But RTX 4090 is very high end card and costly too $1599, don't think everyone can afford this, on the other hand RTX 4080 with 12GB varm price $899. Even 12GB vram is more than enough even for 4k gaming.

So let's look at another example not long ago at the end of 2021 we saw the release of halo infinite this runs at 6.4 gigs of vram on high settings at 1080p that i'm sure we all know about doom eternal a game that's a bit older but it is very demanding on the vram if you want more bells and whistles on the visual side overall eight gigabytes of vram is becoming closer to what games need and expect these days and i also suspect that over the next year or two that we will see many more titles get close to it unless we have them insanely well optimized but then again that all depends on the title and more importantly the developer behind it so then should you go out and pick up an rtx 3050, a 3060ti a 2070 or an rtx 3070 as long as you aren't supporting a scalper i would say yes but i would note that yes is for now for the time being it should last you a few years if not longer so long as you are willing to tweak with settings then if you can also somehow secure one of these cards for msrp actual msrp i'd say yes even more so i know my gigabyte errors master 3070 runs like a champ while some games turned all the way up comes close to 8 gigabytes they don't quite hit it not yet anyways overall it seems the new standard going forward in the next generations of gpus from the likes of amd and nvidia may need to be a 10 gigabytes of vram or higher minimum just to be future safe proofed and leave room for these new upcoming demanding video games even for the lower spec cards like this 3050 and eventually the 4050. but look at the 3060, yes it has 12 gigabytes they say it's for the bus but that 12 gigabytes is going to be a boon for those who own the card. 

In the end i recommend you to buy a minimum of 8gb vram graphic card because games are getting more and more demanding and consume more vram, so below 8gb ram not a good idea in 2022, specially cards like Rtx 2060 with 6gb vram, now we all know that Rtx 2060 6gb performance is much better than Rtx 3050 8gb but when you go on high graphic settings you will see RTX 2060 will not be able to fulfill game vram requirement, so best is go for Rtx 2060 12gb or better go for Rtx 3060, However these are just generalizations. GPU computing power is even more important when choosing the ideal graphics card. next time when you go to buy a graphic card just remember these things and buy a correct graphic card with good amount of vram according to your needs in case you have any questions you can ask.