Intel Arc A770 is the most powerful gaming card that inter will release this year is coming out in October on the 12th and we also learned that it's going to be 329 dollars now the launch also involved Intel's more corporate type of Graphics which are going to have a different label different branding and Intel paid quite as much attention to those corporate Graphics as they did to the gaming cards we know that the Intel Arc a770 is going to come with a whole bunch of stuff that have already reveled on internet and this will include things like the XE SS super resolution or super sampling technology they will have all the other features that revealed with the Intel arc Graphics including the Intel Arc control which is the drivers basically for the Intel arc graphics and this is going to give similar sort of features to nvidia's drivers as well as amd's gaming driver, but there's probably some potential for driver conflict however Intel have said that they are going to try to make sure that their Graphics will work well with amd's CPUs. 
Intel Arc A770
Also the early drivers were not as ready as Intel probably wanted them to be so what can we expect in terms of performance. Intel in their presentation the marketing was fantastic they compared the graphics card to the RTX 3060 and in fact they compared it in terms of price now we know that the new 40 series has just come out from Nvidia and the prices are astronomic acid stratospheric so getting something for 329 does seem like a very good price it's the kind of prices we would have expected from a mid-range card about 10 years ago however Intel compared it to the RTX 3060 and said that the price of the RTX 3060 averaged about 418 dollars so they were comparing the product in terms of price this is where things get very interesting, the RTX 3060 certainly can perform reasonably well in gaming scenarios but it also comes with the RTX 3060 Studio drivers as well as the game drivers that gives you things like 10-bit color depth in Photoshop and Premiere Pro it's a pretty decent graphics card with a pretty pretty decent driver and we know that the RTX 3060 the drivers are going to be updated for the next five years whereas at the moment. We don't know how long Intel are gonna support the Intel arc graphics the Intel Alchemist series.

Intel Arc A770 vs Nvidia & AMD Graphic Cards

Intel also suggested that their card performs 65 faster when it comes to Ray tracing than the RTX 3060. However no one uses Ray tracing with the RTX 3060 it's not really a selling point, now for many people the ability to get a decent graphics card at around three to four hundred dollars may seem like a really welcome opportunity we do have to consider all the competition and that includes AMD with their Radeon 6650 XT and 6700 XT those are decent cards that come in around three to four hundred dollars and you can get a pretty decent 6600 XT at around 250 dollars those are going to be on the same sort of level in the arena as the a770 but .

Now on paper the specs of the new card A770 seem fairly impressive, you are getting 16 gigabytes of gddr6 memory and the card can be overclocked as well it has got a power draw of 225 Watts which is pretty reasonable it does support Direct 12 real-time race Ray tracing up to four monitors it has got av1 and code as well as decode which is a major advance in the industry but overall when compared to the radeon cards at the same price and when compared to the Nvidia cards at the same price don't think it quite holds up this is an RTX 3060 from Zotac it's about 50 dollars more than Intel are offering this particular card will come with a three to five year warranty the driver updates are going to keep coming for the next five years and we know that from from Nvidia and we also see it's got 12 gigabytes of vram that's not bad how you use the vram is more important than how much you've got and radeon cards that are competitive with the a770 are routinely selling for about the same price and we might actually see some idea we should just see some price movement for some of these cards another indicator comes with the benchmarks that we've seen so we've seen benchmarks for the A380 which is a lower performance card and the benchmarks are pretty miserable we've got very poor 2D marks and we've got pretty abysmal 3D marks those marks would be approximately the same as a GTX 750 Ti from about eight years ago and at the price point for the A380 it seems very expensive now if you multiply this performance to see where the a770 would be they're probably a lot of things that the a770 does not do well so when the card comes out on the 12th of October what can Intel do to try to encourage people to purchase this, recently they had a special offer for people who are purchasing the Intel CPUs and the Intel graphics and they offered software that could be worth up to an average of 370 dollars and although these people are purchasing an Intel CPU and a graphics card giving away that amount of free software might be the kind of deal that would lead people who are fascinated by Intel fascinated by technology to maybe try out this 329 dollar card they can give away software for 250 for instance it would take away some of the doubts about going with this new card some of the doubts that we have about the drivers and how long the driver support is going to last and also some of the doubts about the performance in different areas.