Game Pass Blocked on PlayStation by Sony
Game Pass was at some point potentially offered to PlayStation to put on their console and they have chosen to block it, now this is whole back and forth going on between Sony and Microsoft with the Activision Blizzard sale a lot of just like smears against each other in like official documents and stuff but staying out of that controversy and going to something I think that's maybe even more interesting, a long time ago my cousin and I actually talked about back in the day probably back with Xbox One about like would Microsoft ever step out of the the console game and would they end up just putting their games let's say on PlayStation and just be you know a game creator kind of thing instead of also you know a system manufacturer and all that and I honestly feel like obviously the way my Microsoft has gone about the series s and X this generation we're in right now it's not like impossible I think for a future where there are no I guess consoles for Xbox now you could say we're entering an age of no consoles for any of these right kind of like all built into the cloud but that's kind of the thing right Microsoft is the one that pushes more often and they're the big leaders in it um being able to basically play your game wherever like if you got the the weakest kind of Technology chances are we're still gonna figure out how to get Xbox games to play through it right and they've done an incredible and insane job over the last little while so this is by the way like this is not honestly this is not criticizing Sony for blocking it this is not criticizing the idea of game pass this is simply something that that I want to talk about that I do see a world where this makes a lot of sense and to be honest I think it's probably in Sony's best interest I think it helps everybody if this is actually allowed at some point and to be honest I think at some point this will happen I really do if it's the ps6.

It is possible the Game Pass eventually comes to PlayStation because again it kind of puts everybody like in their spot, Sony want to do the the big Blockbuster Games obviously moving more into Mobile and live service but you know they're known for their story driven, these big expensive games that they will not put on a subscription service fine right you can do that and you've been leading for quite a while with the the systems with even PS3 I believe PS3 ended up outselling the Xbox 360. it obviously lost for an incredibly long time but it ended up doing real I mean both of them did incredible numbers but PlayStation has been known for a while let's say to sell consoles there's nothing wrong with that so it puts them in a spot where PlayStation consoles continue to sell if you want your traditional console PlayStation is really the only one, Nintendo is always going to have their wacky thing that's arguably better than all of them right Nintendo kind of quietly just crushes all competition over to the side but Nintendo will always do that and then PlayStation is more of that again I mean to be serious PlayStation is that kind of serious gaming console and two Xboxes credit like right now you know the series X is as well but you would have PlayStation being really the only one.

If you just simply understand well you can get game pass on Playstation you get the great Xbox deal so you can play fables and star fields and a vows, all these games are free on it and you may not like that Sony does the full price for a game if you again see at the same time that game pass is doing it again we kind of have this issue right now and I honestly imagine that's part of the reasoning that Sony just doesn't say is you can look at the talk online and even though they're on two separate platforms right now you still have that issue that issue of people talking about and again it's a conversation I mean it can get into like a console Wars thing but the conversation of Starfield free and God of War Ragnarok you pay and wherever you land on that it doesn't actually matter but there is that conversation right that's probably the issue so if you having that conversation now when they're not even on the same console and then you put them on the same console so you have Game Pass and you have just you know I guess natural or what we have historical you know buying of these big games if you have that next to each other on the PlayStation Store how does that look to an average person I can imagine that's part of it the PS plus thing I mean I guess that's an issue I don't really think it's the biggest issue but I do think at some point this ends up happening, hope nobody takes this the wrong way but like Microsoft has kind of been transparent don't even need the console like we're not in the cons and Evan they kind of said something like that and that may be wrong it could be making that up but I don't really get the sense that they're in some sort of console Wars thing their vision is simply like play our games through Game Pass right that's extra stuff they added over the last you know five six however many years play our games through game pass the best deal in gaming and you can play it anywhere literally anywhere including eventually on Rival consoles and guess what when that happens you don't need an Xbox because again if you're gonna play Gears six you can play it on your phone you can play it on consoles but if you want to play it on a traditional console they'll actually only be one option left and it's on PlayStation now so we'll see I thought that was pretty interesting if Microsoft like offered it just says Sony has chosen to block it could have just meant Sony went and said like hey never approach us with this idea ever or maybe Microsoft did ask and they said no we're not doing it and furthermore never talk to us about this.