Asterigos curse of the Stars

Asterigos curse of the Stars is out now on Steam Playstation Xbox Gog epic game store, I wanted to share my experience with the game, it's a cool looking game, as I stated Asterergos is an action RPG set following a young woman named Hilda she is on a quest to find her father after he disappeared on a mission to the cursed city of aphis this city serves as the center point of the game both in terms of its location and the conflict it is also heavily inspired by ancient Greek mythology so names enemies building structure armor and even some of the locations you go to around atheist will all seem incredibly familiar it to use the mythology as a one-to-one comparison most of the time and ensures to take Liberties throughout the story to ensure you can't just predict how the game is gonna go if you're already familiar with the mythology, behind it you might just see some things that you know about and maybe have an inkling about speaking of which the devspared no effort and expanding this city and the world around it with tons of Collectibles and interactions that heavily expand on the background of the people that live there and their troubles some are simple journal entries from soldiers serving in the Army some are fragments of memory called Echoes that replay past events right in front of you you may learn something from listening to the citizens just by peeking around the corner or by just knocking on their doors and asking them yourself you can dive into as much of this as you want or bypass it if that isn't your thing but there are plenty of side quests you'll find if you do take the time to look around I just really wanted to give the team kudos for going all out to build a world around a familiar mythology without outright copying it despite the fact they totally could have and I'd honestly have been okay with it that is especially important because this game is quite story driven there are cut scenes and lots of dialogue expanding the world and Hilda and by extension You have plenty of opportunities to decide how the story will play out your decisions will determine the fate of the city who your allies and enemies are and how the story just plays out in general I already regretted decision or two in my own first playthrough but otherwise I am pretty content with what I've decided on curious to see the differences across other people's playthroughs with their decisions now with the scenery and mythology gawking out of the way though that music is pretty solid.

About Hilda our protagonist she's a young and snappy woman coming to terms with the adventure she is on slowly but surely fortunately she is no stranger to battle at the start of the game as you're walking through the short and sweet tutorial you'll find all of Hilda's weapons she has six unique weapon types each with their own strengths and weaknesses looking to get in close and be a blocking or parrying god sword and shield or the spear might be up your alley or maybe you'd like to dip around with the swiftness of the daggers have serious impact with the hammer or sling around some magic with the staffer bracelets while the number of weapon types is only six they complement the game and each other quite well ensuring you have plenty of ways to dispatch your foes not to mention Hilda can have two of them equipped at once this allows her to switch her style mid combo or ensure that she has a backup weapon for a particular type of enemy. I found myself focusing on the dagger through my roughly eight hours gameplay. I've played so far zipping around the smaller enemies and keeping up pressure when I was unsure of myself maybe in unfamiliar territory or against an enemy I wasn't familiar with I'd use my gauntlets to lay traps and then lure enemies over the traps allowing me to turn their health or numbers before even starting the fight. I could just as easily switch to the spear which has great pairing capabilities even if you're mid combo with your other weapon it's pretty nice feeling like I can freely switch around my weapons depending on my mood or I could just narrow down my gameplay choices and focus on my favorites. You can upgrade your weapons power with materials that you find around the city and surrounding areas now as Hilda explores and levels up she gains attribute points and talent points that she can spend to strengthen herself and learn new skills some skills are passive and simply Grant her new effects on existing skills and attacks While others are full-blown attacks granting damage and utility tailored to your needs the skill trees aren't too complex or complicated so simply preview what's there and work towards them as you level up you'll also find and craft trinkets to enhance their defenses and Utilities in plenty of different ways that might interact with a thing or two on the skill tree now we've got Hill though we've got the city but we need some enemies to fight and well yeah there's a there's no shortage of those astero ghost offers a wide array of threats both small and large and great numbers to boot be wary around every single Corner keep your eyes both ahead and above you. I know some of you want to know seriously this game pulls no punches even with Hilda being incredibly capable of dealing with what you come across she's way more agile and Adept and the different play Styles just give you a lot of room to experiment and yet a lot of the enemies can pose a pretty serious threat sometimes it's just a horde of soldiers or rabid fire dogs that you've made the mistake of letting free sometimes there's toxic plants that block your way or magic balliste that yeah that hurts fortunately the game comes with three difficulty options for you so you can play at a difficulty that suits you best also if it's too easy or too hard you could change the difficulty whenever you want now something else regarding enemies is their interaction with objects known as conduits these are basically checkpoints that you find that act as respawn points if you die you can also use items to teleport directly to the last one that you interacted with so this should be pretty familiar to a lot of people you can rest at them at the cost of respawning all of the enemies you've slain or you know maybe use them strategically talk to one go very far away and then teleport right back to it when the time is right speaking of death it won't set you back too much in this game you'll lose a bit of Stardust which is The Game's currency that you use for buying items and upgrading your weapons and making trinkets but you won't have to worry about stocking up your Stardust and making sure you level before you actually die that is just gonna happen naturally you'll just gain experience as you actually kill the enemies and the Stardust you lose isn't too bad even on challenge difficulty.

So if you're looking for an action RPG experience this October be sure to check Asterigos curse of the Stars, the game is already out on Playstation Xbox Gog and the epic game store only 35 bucks and you know what it even has a demo if you want to try it out first see if you like it be sure to give that a peek as well.