Apple has just released iOS 16.0.3 to the general public to fix up some very widespread bugs that have been affecting the new iPhone 14 owners along with every other device running iOS 16, and do Apple watch owners also got watch OS 9.0.2 in this article we'll discuss everything.

Apple iOS 16.0.3

What's the size of this update?

About the size of this update it came in at 1.21 gigabytes on my iPhone 14 plus that was coming from 16.0.2 but that size of course will vary depending on your device and the version you are coming from.

What's new  iOS 16.0.3 update?

Now what's new in iOS 16.0.3 and the first thing is that we have a fix for the mail bug where the mail application would crash on launch after receiving a malformed email and Not only would it crash on launch but this bug would also lock you out of your mail application for good until you deleted that email on another device, this bug was referred to as mail Jack and basically it would be an email with a maliciously crafted from field you know when you get an email that shows from that's where it was maliciously crafted and it would cause mail to crash and basically you would not be able to reopen it until you logged on to that email account on another device and then deleted that email so that has been fixed here with 16.0.3.

This update also fixes the carplay bug related to the mic sensitivity a lot of users complained that no matter how loud they talked the person on the other end of the phone call would not be able to hear them very well no matter how much they turned up their volume or how loud you talked so that was a bug and apple says here low microphone volume can occur during car play phone calls on iPhone 14 models so they only mentioned iPhone 14 models which is interesting because I saw a lot of users report that this bug was occurring on the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 13 series as well so I would assume it's fixed for them as well but it was just pretty interesting to see Apple only mention the 14 here.

We also have a fix for the camera bug the iPhone 14 pro and pro Max were the ones affected but basically this bug was just where the camera would launch very slow it would just be a black screen for like five to ten seconds so that has been fixed along with the switching between modes is no longer laggy either it should perform as expected and not take too long to switch between your modes.

Another very critical fix for iPhone 14 pro and pro Max users incoming call and app notifications may be delayed or not delivered on iPhone 14 pro and pro Max but luckily I have not faced this I've had lots of cellular issues but never had delayed incoming calls or just not getting any notifications at all about a missed call I would be very annoyed by that so luckily I did not have that but if you did that has been fixed here with 16.0.3 and that alone is a big reason to update.

The display flickering I know a lot of users had issues with their display flickering especially in low light so Apple has not mentioned that as a fix in this updates but hopefully that will be fixed with this update or the next one which will be iOS 16.1.

We do not have any mention of cell connectivity issues so I've had really bad cell connectivity on my 14 pro but it was really bad on 16.0.2 as well so no mention of cell connectivity being fixed but we do have a modem firmware update so we could see better cell connectivity on this update.

In iOS 16.0.3 about the performance the battery life and if you should update so first off performance you know you might notice a minor bump and performance especially if you had some of the bugs that I mentioned earlier but overall raw performance is most likely not going to see any improvements. In 16.0.2, I think those performance improvements will come with iOS 16.1. Battery life so far seems okay but it does not seem any better than 16 or 16.0.2 to me and I would not expect any Improvement to battery life in this update either I think that's most likely to come with iOS 16.1 as well just like the performance that I mentioned earlier, so you know battery life is not as good as iOS 15 yet but that's the usual case it usually takes a few versions a few big Point versions.

Should you update to iOS 16.0.3?

If you have an iPhone 14 series absolutely this fixes several bugs that affect your daily usage like things you use on a daily basis like the laggy camera you know switching back and forth between modes it's annoying if you're trying to take a video and it takes a while it's laggy like that so this update fixes that, we have the fix for the delayed incoming calls or just not getting notifications of maybe say a missed call just things like that a lot of bugs that were only affecting the iPhone 14 series especially the pro and pro Max those have been fixed so I say it's a no-brainer for you guys to update now if you have any other iPhone I think it's fine in to updates but not a must if you were not facing any of the bugs that I mentioned throughout this article.

Apple watch users watch OS 9.0.2

Now for you Apple watch users watch OS 9.0.2 was also released today alongside iOS 16.0.3 so if you go to our software you can see that you do have watch OS 9.0.2 and in this update we have a fix for interruptions to streaming audio on Spotify, snooze alarm notifications continue after the alarm is deleted for Assistive Touch users so a nice accessibility fix there and complete syncing of wallet and fitness data for newly paired Apple watch that happened to me with my Apple watch Ultra so I'm glad to see that has been fixed for users who are just getting a new Apple watch.

Apple watch OS 9.0.2

Audio from microphone interrupted for some apple Watch series 8 and Ultra user so I never had that issue but that has also been addressed in this new update so if you have an Apple Watch make sure to go ahead and update to watch OS 9.0.2.