A Plague Tale Requiem

A Plague Tale Requiem continues the story around Hugo and Amicia who managed to stop the macula from spreading in Hugo's body and escape from guien in this review you'll get answer of all question if A Plague Tale Requiem is worth it. The game begins with amazing and Hugo enjoying peace after the first game but that piece will not last long after an unfortunate incident the Mercola takes control over Hugo again which also pushes him to its next threshold this time it looks very serious and the chances of hinahulu from the macula looks rather bad that doesn't stop Amicia ever from doing everything to save her little brother due to spoilers I leave it like that and focus no mainly on gameplay.

Gameplay wise the game hasn't changed much from innocence this time you just have to deal with more rats. I guess developers answered the question how many Rats do you want to have in your game with everyone rats are not the only problem and threat also soldiers are looking for Hugo & Amicia the overall concept hasn't changed at all from previous game you have to reach a specific exit point in a level to proceed you do that mostly stealthy Amicia can perform a counter move but that is really just to prevent death at the last second upfront confrontations will end up pretty much in instant death sneak pass soldiers you can create various distractions whenever is throwing stones to armor light and fires or simply blind or stun enemies with a slingshot if there's Russian is no longer an option you can also proceed a little more aggressively here but the slingshot you can take out soldiers who are not wearing helmets with a deadly headshot this time you can also take out non-armored soldiers if you manage to sneak from behind however this not only takes some time but is also loud you can also kill armored Soldiers with knives you find in some levels however those knives can be used to open Hidden board benches later that rewards you with your material so you decide one kill or gain materials later progressing through levels filled with rats requires again a certain combination between Alchemy which can ignite or extinguish certain fire spots and the correct command of your support characters eventually you're going to find yourself in situations where you find not only rats but also Soldier patrols again here Alchemy can be a huge advantage since you can use the rats against soldiers like in the first game you can upgrade Amicia spell cases to carry more Alchemy material and the slingshot on the workbench for that you need material and tools abilities can be unlocked but you don't spend points or material you unlock these by playing in a specific playstyle you can feel three playstyle bars first one is Prudence which is being sneaky sneak past enemies undetected and you gain more skills like light footsteps which makes footsteps less noisy aggressive which the name already mentioned is playing aggressively and unlock abilities like recovery which makes them easier withstand more damage and the last opportunism which is passing sections with the help of alchemy that will unlock skills like Alchemy knowledge which will make Alchemy craft faster the only true upgrade when it comes to weapon and is probably the crossbow which can be used also as a deadly weapon or in various levels to create a path.

During Hugo's enemies Journey you will be accompanied from time to time by support characters Lucas whom we already know from the first part I know a soldier looking for his own revenge and Sofia a pirate who owns Amicia Lucas supervature with blind soldiers for a small time Arnold will fight against soldiers and Sofia crates with her prison a small fire in High Grass which distracts Gods the most important companion is however of course Hugo due to the immaculate threshold his powers are now stronger Hugo doesn't only have a new red sense but can also directly control rats which can be directed to soldiers I never felt that a specific character got too little or too much screen time I also always found the characters and their background stories interesting you can activate various markers and indicators that shows hints or dangers however if you want the best and most intense experience I highly recommend to set the difficult to heart and set the indicator option to immersive and it is immersive patrolling soldiers are doing a very good job and they will alert their comrades and persistently search for you if they found a dead body but not only the behavior of enemies there are many many factors that place your role while the game is so intense the soundtrack matches to everything perfectly your companions will notice when you kill someone unnecessarily and you will feel a messy stress level going through the roof while you're progress in the story there are some breaks where the game lets you catch a breath in those you can enjoy the view have a talk with your companions and find some Collectibles and mini-games those whoever are rare since the game is on Non-Stop action drama probably the most interesting question right now is what does oblique to reach him better than innocence while everything really sounds like the same experience so far which on paper really is but the game does pretty much everything better not only from it looks but also the immersive and non-stop stressed but heartbreaking story the game really pushes the right buttons when it comes to express not only Hugo's but also Amicia emotions. 

Should you BUY?

The game seems to be put into a more balanced experience which is definitely appreciated for my side even with the crossbow and the possibility to instant kill enemies the game never felt boring or too easy, there's also a new game plus and some Collectibles. A Plague Tale Requiem was an amazing experience and thanks to its heartbreaking story intense soundtrack and overall great characters I highly recommend to get this game.