ONEXPLAYER is a handheld computer designed for gaming, it looks like steam deck and glorified nintendo switch that's considerably bigger than the oled version of the switch, it's coming in 8.4 inch display that is 2560x1600 resolution to play native windows games on and actually better than a steam deck on some games. You can litterly play any Pc game on ONEXPLAYER.

ONEXPLAYER is much better than steam deck because it runs a full version of windows 11, while the Steam Deck runs on Linux operating system, This is the reason gamers choose ONEXPLAYER more than steamdeck for handheld gaming. in front of the ONEXPLAYER player we get the turbo button which will increase the ONEXPLAYER player from 20 watts tdp to 28 watt tdp for a little bit more performance in those games that need a little extra power burst and it make a difference above that. On the top we get two areas for cooling but we also get one usb 3.0 type a port which is where you can plug in a mouse or keyboard, two usb 3.2 type c ports with one showing sign of data transfer for devices and the other for power but we found that both of them can actually charge the device so you can charge your ONEXPLAYER with any tybe c port. In ONEXPLAYER player you get one three and a half inch millimeter audio port and you also get one micro sd card slot with up to support for 512 gibibytes, but that doesn't means you can run heavy games on microSD card in ONEXPLAYER, heavy games means games like Cyberpunk 2077, Call of duty warzone, type AAA titles game, to run these AAA titles game you have to install these game in ONEXPLAYER NVMe storage because micro sd card read and write speed is not that much fast to run AAA titles games. In weight ONEXPLAYER player is a heavy device in weight 819g and holding it for playing games for a long period of time will make you feel little uncomfortable, specially for children because adults can handle that weight but after playing for sometimes you may fell like tired.

The version of ONEXPLAYER player we got is the Ryzen 7 5800u model, also there is more amd platform and intel platform too for the ONEXPLAYER player that you can choose up to three different variants of the cpu you can get the ryzen 7 4800u the ryzen 7 5700u and then the one we reviewing ryzen 7 5800u model. The intel version comes with intel core i7 1195 g7 cpu with integrated intel iris xc graphics. We prefer AMD version ONEXPLAYER more tha intel, because we all know in gaming performance AMD integrated graphics are much better than intel integrated graphics. In our model we got 16 gb of LPPDDR4X dual channel 4266 MHz ram & 1tb M.2 nvme ssd which is partitioned in a 500 gb for the os and 500 gb for games now you can change this out, if you wanted to then you can buy a 2 tb nvme, however if you want to upgrade it yourself you're gonna have to remove the cooling fans to get to the nvme to change that out now when you do this you obviously you must reset the device completely and reinstall windows on it which we have done and it is not the most intuitive thing but for 2 tbs of storage is it worth it well that's for you to decide, but we you have to do it carefully if you did something wrong sor break even anything small while changing nvme, your device could be break, so bes is not to do it, if you don't have technical knowledge.

You also get wifi and bluetooth for internet connectivity or pair bluetooth devices, and this device comes with an absolutely massive battery at 15300 milliamps that is compatible with the ONEXPLAYER player's protocol fast charging system in which the device we found fully charged from 3 to 100 in 45 minutes.

Gaming Performance of  ONEXPLAYER Ryzen 7 5800u

We tested shadow the tomb raider at 2560 by 1600 on high presets and we got 19 frames per second, but when we dropped it down to medium presets and kept it on at 2560 by 1600 we got to 25 frames per second which is reasonable but not good enough, we found that 1280x720 is the best resolution to play most the games on we saw numbers in fps range from 30 to the mid 40s at most times playable for sure but not near 60 frame per second. We also tried metro exodus which is such an intensive game and we turn the turbo switch on for this with no ray tracing on and its amd integrated graphics at 1280x720 with medium settings we were able to get 27 frames per second even with turbo on. In fortnite we saw an average of 64 frames per second with the integrated graphics, So our recommendation is play games on 1280x720 for high frame rates in AAA titles games. Hope in future versions of ONEXPLAYER hardware is capable to run heavy graphic demanding games on 2560x1600 with high FPS, but for now play on 1280x720 or enable AMD FSR technology in games, these days image upscaling option is available in almost all games. 

Now the big question is do we recommend this and is it worth the purchase and unfortunately No, because the reason is this price tag of $1449 while steam deck is $649 for the 512 gibibyte version and in performance steam deck still a king.

Full Specifications of ONEXPLAYER


GRAPHICS - AMD Radeon RX Vega 8 Graphics

RAM - 16GB LPPDDR4X dual channel,4266MHz

ROM - 1TB/2TB M.2 2280 NVMe

DISPLAY - 8.4inch IPS Screen 2560x1600 HD resolution Pixel density 358ppI

PORTS - USB-C 3.2x2 /USB-A 3.0x1 /3.5mm audiox1

SPEAKERS - Stereo speakerx2

CONTROLLERS - Integration PC360(Xinput)

JOYSTICK - ALPS original

BATTERY - 12450mAh,48Wh/11.55V 65WGaN

WiFi/BT - WiFi 6.0/ BT 5.0

SIZE - 28.8cmx13cmx2.1 cm

WEIGHT - About 819g

OS - Windows 11